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Trends and Friends

Is your wedding dress journey clouded by 'trends and friends'? The girls at Jeannelle l’Amour Bridal gives us an insight into how to choose a wedding dress this season.

F R O M  T H E  D E S I G N E R:

It can be pretty daunting when it comes to searching for ‘The One’. Some of us find just merely going shopping for regular clothes tough enough. So often, a bride can be clouded by ‘trends and friends’, that she can easily forget who she really is. My question is, who are YOU. So much pressure, right? Wrong… it shouldn’t be this way! So instead of writing a piece on what is ‘trending this season’, what silhouette is ‘hot for 2018’, what neckline in the ‘in-thing’ right now, here are a few of my tips to help you find YOUR dream dress. Yes, Y O U R dream dress; not aunty Betty, not your mother-in-law Carol, not your bridesmaid Yolanda. Breathe in…breathe out… it is all going to be OKAY.

And how do we do this? First things first…

Find your vibe – Are you a fashion forward bride, or someone more traditional? Do you absolutely ADORE details, or do you LOVE the polished, clean bridal look. Finding your vibe will help you narrow down what is really ‘you’. Not sure? Here are a few categories with examples linked up to a few social media posts to help you decide your vibe:


T H E  S T R E A M L I N E D

The slick, all white, no lace, no beading, no fuss kind of girl. A statement in itself. Pictured below is our SAGE dress from The Moonlight collection.

T H E  T R A D I T I O N A L

Chantilly lace… that’s all I’m saying. The girl who has been dreaming of this moment, since forever. Shades of milks, oysters and stones. Like this dress? She is Valentina from The Muse and is absolutely out-of-this-world.

T H E  B O H E M I A N

The free-spirited bride – comfortable, a bit Moroccan, loose fitting, a beautiful flow… something that doesn’t restrict. Pictured below is the Geneva gown from The Muse collection, when once upon a time, the Jeannelle l’Amour Bridal Instagram page did not exist (can you even imagine!?)

T H E  B O L D

You are the bride that dares to be different. Art Deco patterns, Baroque laces, geometric details, nude and tan bases with strong, one-of-a-kind detailing. Having our first trunk show in Australia is definitely one of our highlights… the Daffodil gown was the perfect way to start in Brisbane. Are you a bride in Australia and love our dresses? Why not head to The Babushka Ballerina to request when our next trunk show will be.

T H E  O R N A T E

Beading, embroidery, laces, tulles… layers, layers and more layers…more is more! And even though this is NOT a Jeannelle l’Amour Bridal gown, this expresses so perfectly what ‘the ornate’ represents. PLUS it is too beautiful not to share. So, pair your Jeannelle l’Amour Bridal gown with a detachable skirt, have a statement earring, and why not a statement veil as well. And if you are just as obsessed with this custom Casey Jeanne gown as we are, head on over to the other side and see what bespoke is all about here.


Once you have found your VIBE, then finding your dream dress will be a bit less stressful. Next comes the silhouette; what works best for your body, your venue and your style. And do you know what the incredible thing is? You can have almost any silhouette in each and every one of these ‘vibes’.

Stay true to yourself and everything will follow! Want to book an appointment at our signature styling suite in Morningside, Durban? Book here. Or perhaps with one of our JLB approved retailers? Inquire here.

Happy fitting!










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